Downloadable materials for this year's seminar will be available approximately 2 weeks before the seminar.

Written materials will not be distributed at the seminar.  Please download available handouts prior to attending the seminar.  Additional materials may be available for download after the seminar.

Speaker materials for the 26th Area Chapter Consumer Bankruptcy Seminar on November 7, 2016, are as follows:

Property Taxes - Dos and Don'ts

Helpful Tax Office and CAD Websites

Stand and Deliver! Vesting and Surrender

Recent Developments: Fifth Circuit and US Supreme Court Bankruptcy Decisions


Speaker materials for the 25th Area Chapter Consumer Bankruptcy Seminar on October 26, 2015, are as follows:

Recent Developments: Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court Bankruptcy Decisions

Harris v. Viegelahn Supreme Court Case

Student Loan Hardship Discharge - The Basics

Student Loan Options and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (Zip File)

410 Forms and Instructions (Zip File)

There's no Place Like Home

Options for Repayment of Tax Debt

IRS Memoranda (Zip File)




Speaker materials from the 24th Area Chapter 13 Consumer Bankruptcy Seminar
October 27, 2014

Love and Money: When Bankruptcy Law and Family Law Collide

National Model Plan and Proposed Amendments

Hot Button Issues when Dealing with Taxes in Bankruptcy

Review of Recent Bankruptcy Decisions

Section 522 and Texas Homestead Exemptions