“To Infinity and Beyond”

October 23, 2017

8:30   US Trustee Report                William T. Neary

9:00   Staff Attorney Panel            Tara Tankersley, Heena Hirani, Angela Allen
                                                         Jeff LeForce, Ethan Cartwright

9:45   Loan Modifications              Tom Powers, Tim Truman, Billy D. Price and
                                                        Marilyn Garner

10:30   Break

10:45   ABI Consumer
Bankruptcy Commission                Michael T. Bates, Alane Becket, Alice Whitten

11:15   Current Issues of CFPB       Michael T. Bates, Alane Becket, Alice Whitten

12:00  Lunch

1:00   Rules Effective 12/1/17         Tom Powers, Alane Becket, Reed Allmand

1:45   Judge’s Panel                       Judge Barbara J. Houser, Judge Robert L. Jones,
Stacey G.C.  Jernigan,
                                                        Judge Mark
X. MullinJudge Brenda Rhoades

 2:45   Break

 3:00   Case Law Update               Judge Harlin D. Hale, Gerrit Pronske and
                                                        Melanie P. 

 3:45   Trustee Panel                      Tim Truman, Tom Powers, Pam Bassel

 4:30 Adjourn









November 7, 2016

8:00        REGISTRATION

8:30        U.S. TRUSTEE REPORT - William T. Neary, United States Trustee Region 6

9:00        CONDUIT MORTGAGES - H. Gray Burks of Shapiro & Schwartz LLP; Mark B. French, Law Office of Mark B. French;  Pam Bassel, Chapter 13 Trustee

9:45        TRUSTEE PANEL- Moderator:  Alice Whitten, Wells Fargo Law Department; Trustee Panel:   Tim Truman, Pam Bassel, Tom Powers & Carey Ebert, Northern and Eastern District Chapter 13 Trustees

10:30      NATIONAL PLAN - Alice Whitten, Wells Fargo Law Department

10:45     BREAK

11:00     PROPERTY TAXES DOS AND DON'TS - Melissa Palo and Sherrel Knighton, Linebarger Goggan, Blair & Sampson, LLP

11:30     VESTING AND SURRENDERING - Heena Hirani, Staff Attorney to Pam Bassel; Behrooz Vida, The Vida Law Firm PLLC; Pam Bassel, Chapter 13 Trustee

12:00     LUNCH

1:00        “THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT” - Hon. Barbara J. Houser and Hon. Mark X. Mullin

2:00        REVIEW OF RECENT BANKRUPTCY DECISIONSHon. Harlin D. “Cooter” Hale and Gerrit M.  Pronske, Pronske, Goolsby & Kathman, P.C.

2:45        BREAK

3:00        THE BEST OF THE WORST PRACTICES - Moderator:  Tom Powers, Chapter 13 Trustee; Panel:  Hon. Russell F. NelmsHon. Brenda RhoadesHon. Stacey G. C. Jernigan

4:00       COMPLETING THE PROOF OF CLAIM - Michael J. Schroeder and Erika Bennett Stickney, Michael J. Schroeder, P.C.

4:30        Adjourn                              

****Please email questions for the speakers and panelists to dfwseminars@ch13ftw.com. ****